IOS 11 Update – What changes have been introduced?

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What changes will be introduced along with the new iOS?

The most anticipated iOS 11 is finally here. It comes along with a wide range of fascinating changes to your devices. If you are a person who owns an iPhone, you are welcome to keep on reading and figure out what you can expect from the latest iOS update.

Expect your Lock screen to be Changed

ios 11 lock screen

Source : Apple

Are you bored with the way how your lock screen looks? Then it is the high time to go for a change along with iOS 11. The lock screen of iOS 11 will be merged along with the notification center.  With the update, people who want to get to the lock screen will have to swipe down the screen.

Previously, the notification center would open when you swipe down the screen, but now you will be able to access them both. In order to access the Today View, you just need to swipe to any of the sides. Due to the introduction of lock screen, the dedicated notification center has been eliminated from iOS 11.

Most awaited Drag and Drop is here

Drag and Drop can be considered as one of the most anticipated features in iOS devices. Apple has finally taken necessary steps in order to introduce it to the iPhones. You just need to update your device to iOS 11 and you will be able to receive instant access to drag and drop. A variety of file formats would be supported by the drag and drop features as well. They include images, documents, videos and many more.

A dedicated file manager application has also been introduced to the iOS 11 update. Therefore, you will find it as a convenient task to browse through the files that are stored in your device.

Siri would become your companion

Even though Siri was equipped with few advanced features, people didn’t want to go ahead and make it a life companion. That’s mainly because of the unrealistic nature associated with Siri. However, it would change along with the latest iOS 11 update. That’s because the developers at Apple have taken necessary steps in order to make Siri realistic as much as possible.

Siri now has the ability to learn on its own. It would use your inputs in order to learn. As a result, you are provided with the opportunity to make Siri personalize to your needs. You can also ask Siri to translate different languages from one to another.

An enhanced keyboard to quick type

ios 11 keyboard

Source : Apple

The keyboard of Apple devices would become more user friendly along with iOS 11. In other words, it is not capable of using flicks in order to enter symbols and numbers. This can keep you away from the frustration of using a shift key. Letters, numbers and symbols would be displayed with a flick. Therefore, you can easily find the character that you want to type.

iOS 11 Device Compatibility

ios 11 devices supports

Source : Apple

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